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Mexican La Catrina Mouse Pad

Mexican La Catrina Mouse Pad

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Inspired by the captivating charm of La Catrina and Mexican culture, our La Catrina neoprene mouse pad adds style and functionality to your workspace. With a non-slip base for precise mouse control and durable neoprene material, it's a daily reminder of Mexico's vibrancy. Elevate your workspace – work, click, and create in style!

Available in 2 different shapes, it will be the perfect addition to your desk, you just have to choose yours!

• Made to order.
• 100% neoprene
• Non-slip rubber base
• Design printed on one side

Shapes available

• Round Mouse Pad: diameter: 8 inches (20.32 cm) thickness: 1/4 inches (0.63 cm)
• Rectangular Desk Mat: length: 9 1/4 inches (23.5 cm) width: 7 3/4inches (19.7 cm) thickness: 1/4 inches (0.63 cm)

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